Full calendar agenda slot height

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full calendar agenda slot height

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand agenea Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and height information. I agenda to have a calendar in week mode which would take all the width it can take and take all the height it needs to not heeight scrollbars. If I keep default settings height: auto, aspectRation: 1. If I change sot to 1, scrollbar disappears but I calendar a useless empty area at the bottom:. Full there any way to fix it except guessing the aspectRatio which is not a case for me as slot and maxTime are dynamically changed so the conent height changes? Adjusting dynamically the height instead of the aspect ratio worked for me:.
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  • Originally reported on Google Code with ID I have a fairly complex calendar set up using external draggable events.

    height - Docs | FullCalendar

    With the default. It highlights cells lower, or much lower depending on the value of the slot height than the mouse is hovering over. The smaller the value of height, the further away from the mouse it is. On top of this capendar start time reported to the "drop" callback is consistent with where the helper is positioned in the heihgt.

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    full calendar agenda slot height

    Member Author. I also got the same problem, i'm messing arround to understand what's happening. Those anyone can help us?

    FullCalendar auto-height in week view - Stack Overflow

    If i get a awnser i'll post it here Reported by Pcolt45 on Further to this, I also discovered that it's not just the draggable but any calculation of where the mouse is on the grid. So if I try to select a time range, it behaves using the 20px setting, irregardless of the set height. I agree this is an issue, is agendq any resolution to this from anyone or what? Reported by austin.

    NuGet Gallery | rxyk.nr55.rulendar

    I have same issue, did any of you find the solution? Thank you. Reported by XuesChen.

    If the contents will not fit within the height, scrollbars will appear. If a function is specified, this function will be called every time a height update is requested. This function should return a pixel value. If "parent" is specified, the height of the calendar will match the height of . We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. OK, I Understand. Aug 12,  · arshaw changed the title Fit calendar to container Evenly expand agenda slots to fit height Oct 11, arshaw referenced this issue Oct 11, that resulted in the calendar being taller than the height of the slats, the calendar height would simply be truncated. agenda view has extra space at bottom due to explicit height on fc-time.

    Agenda views of other durations can be made with a custom view with type 'agenda'. The following options are specific to agenda view. Does your company use FullCalendar? Getting Help. Reporting Bugs.

    Can the default timeslot height be set in FullCalendar? - Stack Overflow

    Requesting Features. FullCalendar Turns 10 Years Old. These docs are for an old release. Info on upgrading to v4. Agenda-specific Options.

    Determines if timed events in agenda view should visually overlap. Guarantees that events within the Agenda views will be a minimum height.

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      Agenda view displays one-or-more horizontal days as well as an axis of time, usually midnight to midnight, on the vertical axis. The two predefined agenda views are agendaDay and agendaWeek.

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